What Early 2000s Doll Type Are You?

How do you choose your clothes for the day?

What did you say when adults asked you "what do you want to do when you group up?"

Your friends all wants to do something reckless, but you're nervous. What do you do?

You have plans with friends tonight, but you're not feeling up to it. What do you do about it?

Would you rather have a bad paying job that makes you happy, or a well paying job that doesn't?

Do you have a weeknight routine, or do you do something different every night?

One of your friends says something factually incorrect about something insignificant. What do you do?

Do you have a specific fashion aesthetic?

When planning a vacation or trip, what is most important to you?

You just got a super creepy chain e-mail! Do you send it to your friends?

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Someone hurts your feelings over something kind of silly. Do you tell them?

Have you ever dyed your hair?

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