Hi, I'm Kat.

You probably could have guessed based on my site's name (or because you've seen my Youtube videos).

I'm a queer thirty-something with a wife and two dogs. (she/they is fine)

I have a Youtube where I talk about the weird parts of culture from my formative years. I have videos about dress up dollz, PF Magic's Petz series, adventure games, and more. It would probably be fair to say I'm kind of a nostalgia junkie.

about me

I've been online since the 90's. I was a weird, neurodivergent kid who found websites about dragons, and quickly wanted to learn to make my own. I had a number of websites as I grew up, ranging from dragon, anime, and virtual fansites to online journals. I spent a lot of time in AOL and Yahoo chatrooms - mostly Rhy'Din roleplay rooms - and through the internet, discovered many of the things that would influence my interests for the rest of my life.
Through fanfic, I discovered my own queerness. Webcomics and livejournals introduced me to trans people.
Nowadays, I'm trying to limit my social media time. However, you can still reach out a number of ways if you want to chat and make friends!


This is my wife, Steph! I am 100% a wife guy and if you've watched my videos, you know I mention her as much as possible because I am obsessed with her! She is very patient with me and helps me with coding from time to time even though she hates Javascript.

website mission

I've been lurking around Neocities for a few years now - ever since MAX2019 introduced me to the site. But recently, I decided to make my own.

Like many others, I find the push for "web3" to be somewhat troubling for a lot of reasons. I do, however, agree with some of the ideas that are supposedly a part of this new internet paradigm: decentralization, a decorporatization of the web, and user driven creativity. However, for a lot of reasons, some of which are outlined on this site here, I don't believe that web3 is the way forward.

Thinking about it, I realized that a lot of what I wish the web is, it used to be. Before new coding standards, social media, and giant corporations pushed us out, the internet used to be made by us: people crafting personal sites and tools to share with likeminded folks.

I want to make this site a place of exploration and discovery, as well as just a fun creative outlet. It's far from perfect - I'm not a very good coder, and I'm bad at keeping a cohesive theme - but I want to encourage anyone, regardless of skill level, to join me.

Below are some links if you're interested in learning more.

Please look around and have some fun! I hope you find something worthwhile.

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