bad website design blinkie plastic dino
rainbow computer gif animated glitter graphics n more
aerith lj icon old geocities site
pronoun badges fluffmoth on Flight Rising
doll quiz wallpaper


HTML/CSS help W3 Schools
main layout template
blog page layout
credits page inspiration geocities (and another site I need to find)
scrollbar inspiration
quiz templates and javascript Cave of Dragonflies
general coding help Steph

other resources

more fonts Asterism

Many gifs used on this site came from archived Geocities sites, using Gifcities and manually browsing old sites using the Wayback Machine.

I have attempted to find their sources where possible, though some of the more ubiquitous gifs are hard to source.

Some images were created by me.

this list is a work in progress

if you know a source for a graphic I'm using that is not on this list, please let me know

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